To be the leading distinctive ice cream brand that offers quality products to the customers at the most reasonable, affordable price for healthier, refreshing and satisfying moments.


Creating enjoyable moments for our customers by offering tasteful, high quality ice cream products.


Our values at Pukka Products Limited reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.


We are committed to providing high quality standard products that meet customers’ need.

Team Work

We work together to satisfy customers and company needs.


We uphold highest standard of integrity in all areas.

Customer Commitment

We strive to develop relationships that have positive impact in our customers’ lives.

Personal Accountability

We are personally accountable for delivery on our commitment.

Consistency & Reliability

We assure our customers and consumers of consistent quality products which are readily available.

Our Goal

To provide high quality products and services that meet timely customer requirements and expectations at all times.

Our Story

In what started as a small ice cream company in 2006, comprising a basic ice cream manufacturing plant and a small office, limited technology and storage space, Lixoo Ice Cream has more than survived; it has thrived. Our team of talented staff has been and continues to be on the fore-front of innovation and exceptional service delivery, and has propelled the company to become a leader in the ice cream manufacturing industry in Kenya.

We have seen unprecedented growth, acquiring larger, modern machinery, more skilled staff, extra office space, equipment and systems, a fleet of refrigerated vehicles to serve the whole of Kenya and East African region.

Ice Cream and ice confection are all kinds of fun, and can be an enjoyable treat for the whole family. As part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle, ice cream is ice cream and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else, so we recommend enjoying it as an occasional treat.

Building a happier more inclusive world, one lick at a time.

At Lixoo Ice Cream, nutrition has helped guide soft mix development, so the whole family can enjoy together.We have specially designed our ice cream products to be fun in all kinds of ways with yummy flavors and textures, exciting shapes and colors. Our commitment to state of the art resources, the highest quality controls and innovative products, continue to see a large range of frozen treats offered to customers all over Kenya.